Back workout for women at Home

The everyday challenges of life need to be handled in an efficient manner so that there is no negative implication on health. For ages, women are seen to juggle with the duties of home and office. Amidst all these, one seldom gets time to go to the gym and work out. To eliminate the daily stresses of life, get better sleep and increase self-confidence, women must start taking care of their bodies and exercise frequently. In this case, mention may be made of the various types of back workout for women at home and their benefits in the long run.

Taking care of yourself should be a top priority. As a woman, if you wish to stay healthy and hustle along at life’s pace, you have to stay fit. No doubt there are tons of physical benefits of working out regularly but people often forget to attach importance to the mental benefits. Some houses even have equipment at home while some women decide to work out without any such weights. However, with a well-planned routine of back workout for women at home, the outcome will be pretty much the same.  Both are certain to yield productive results.

Benefits of Having Regular Back Workout Sessions

Back exercises will give you enormous upper body strength and help in the flexible shoulder movements. Moreover, the very common chronic back pains that most women face can be treated properly with regular back workout sessions. Not to mention, but it also strengthens the spine which helps to do away or deal with conditions such as spondylosis, sciatica and so on.

  • Do not let lower back pain stand in your way to build upper body strength.
  • If you sit for hours at your workplace, then it is important to have a good posture that can only happen with regular back exercises.
  • Regular back workout can also help you get a toned back and increase muscle mass.

Here are some of the best back workout that women can try at home with or without equipment and feel the difference-

Chair Pose Twister


It is a quite simple exercise with that requires no equipment. You just require to join your hands and put them in prayer position while doing a squat. Then you need to slightly twist the torso to the right or the left along with placing one of the elbows on the outside of the adjacent knee and wait till three breaths in that position. After that, repeat the same position on the other side for 4 to 5 times. Not only will it strengthen the back but this exercise is quite effective for relaxing the obliques.

Push-up Hold Release!

This is the best way to build back muscles at home. Isometric back exercises are always helpful for improving physical functions as well as reducing back pain. Start by doing a normal push-up and for one deep breath while halfway. Release. Put your lower back down to the lowest point near the ground and hold for another deep breath. Doing 5 or more reps of this will help you achieve strong back muscles in no time.

Raise your Deltoid Muscles

This workout utilizes the most out of your back muscles to improve flexibility. You are going to need a pair of light-weight dumbbells to do this exercise. Slightly bend your knees and stand with feet hip-width apart by holding the dumbbells. Lower the torso by shifting your hips to the back till the time they are almost parallel to the ground. Now comes the weight lifting part- keep your palms face to face with each other by bending the elbows and lift the dumbbells to your shoulders. Stress more upon eliminating momentum while lowering the back down gently. Doing a full set of this exercise is sure to yield productive results.

Pilates Press for a Toned Back


To get rid of that excess back fat, this exercise is simply perfect. Begin in a normal push-up position and slowly bend one leg behind in a way that the foot is pointed towards the ceiling. Bend your elbows so that your body is lowered to the ground while the back remains straight. Push yourself back up maintaining that position and don’t let your hips drop while repeating the same. You can do a set of these regularly to see some noticeable change.

Form a Plank; Raise an Arm!


This exercise is also suitable for toning down back the fat. Not only this, but it is also a good abs workout that helps to strengthen your spine and improve the posture. Form a straight-arm plan position by keeping your hands below, in line with the shoulders. The feet should be kept in a fairly wider than hip-width apart position. Gently raise an arm to the shoulders by keeping the hips static. Hold for one breath and return to the center to lift the other arm away from the core. A set a day will surely help to observe the changes.

T-Raises Exercise


To gain the maximum upper body strength, do 2 sets of T-raises regularly. Keep your feet hip-width apart while standing, holding a pair of dumbbells. Slightly bend your knees and bring your lower torso parallel to the floor. Bring your hands closer and turn the weights face forward. Spread your arms and lift the weights to shoulder height. During the entire time, your core and glutes must be kept engaged along with keeping the arms straight.

The above described back workout for women can be done around three to four times a week to improve your health. It has not one, but multiple benefits that can help you achieve a fit and flexible body. Other than that, the proper back workout can also improve your blood flow. Your speed of body movements will also be enhanced if you have more upper body strength. For all the beautiful women out there, who have not prioritized their bodies in a long time due to the busy schedule, start with these simple back workouts and sense the transformation.

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