Earn Online Through Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Programme

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Now there is a details about Google adsense.

Google adsense is a online advertising programme which helps us to earn from home without any investment of money. Then how does it work? If you have a website or blog and if your website or blog is approved by Google then you can put the Google adsense code in your website or blog.

When someone visits to your website or blog and click on that google ads you will get some amount of money and it will be credited to your adsense account. That' s all.

What is the actual philosophy about Google adsense? If you are a regular internet user then you can easily find out that a lot of companies are opening regularly on the web.

It has been seen that a out of these companies maximum are doing their business on the internet. So they want a huge number of visitors for their website. To keep that point in mind they are taking the help from the Google ad words. Whenever the owner of the website will purchase a package (i.e.

pay per visit basis or pay per click basis) from the Google ad words, then that ads we are putting in our website as a form of Google adsense. When any visitors click on that google ads ; Google keep something from that revenue and share some revenue to the publisher like me , you and other internet users.

In some other words we can say that Google is occupying some space of our website or we provide some space to the Google so that they can put the ads in my website.

Let's assume, I have a business website, and I want more visitors to my website so I will go to the Google ad words and purchase a package i.e.

$1 for 10 visitors. It means per visitors cost $1/10= $0.1. So when a particular visitor will come to my website and click on the ad then Google will keep something from that revenue may be $0.06 and remaining $0.04 will be credited to the publishers adsense account.

Google adsense provides two types of earnings – 1. eCPM 2. Pay per click. The eCPM is, earning from thousand impression. It means, when someone will visit to your website and views various pages of your website then it will be consider as page impression or page view.

When your page impression will reach thousand , then some amount of money will be credited to your adsense account and the pay per click is when someone will visit to your website and click on the google ads which is displayed on your website, you will get paid. You can put maximum three ad units on every page of your website.

Google adsense is very legitimate earning for everyone who are trying to earn from the internet. Even some people are earning more than $1000 per month.

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