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Milk chocolate and dark chocolate contain a much higher percentage of cacao and will have a higher concentration of theobromine. These contain different levels of the cacao component mixed with other ingredients, such as sugar and oil, to make the final product. Are you worried the chocolate bar will make your dog sick? You don’t need to be extremely precise, just a rough idea of how many minutes or hours ago the chocolate was eaten is very useful. If your dog ate chocolate, here’s what you need to know. You have probably heard of white, milk, and dark chocolate, as well as cocoa powder. It is important to make sure all chocolate foodstuffs including cocoa powder and hot chocolate are stored in sealed containers where the dog cannot reach them, like in a pantry or high cupboard. Remember, you should never make your dog sick at home unless asked to do so by a vet – it’s not a risk-free procedure and can be dangerous in some instances.

If your dog has eaten enough cake for it to be toxic, it’s likely you’ll be asked to attend the clinic. This makes it easy for your sly four-legged friend to find an opening to jump up on the counter and devour the dessert centerpiece-a chocolate cake. Your veterinarian will examine your dog, looking for symptoms of chocolate poisoning, such as a fast heart rate. Your dog may be kept overnight for observation if they are experiencing severe symptoms. Your vet may also give activated charcoal to neutralize any theobromine still lingering in the stomach and guts or admit your dog for close monitoring overnight to ensure that he is completely stable before going home. Activated charcoal may also be given. You can also give him activated charcoal orally if he has an upset stomach. If your dog eats this type of chocolate, the worst they’ll probably have to face is an upset stomach! After eating a toxic dose of chocolate, symptoms can appear within 2 hours. These symptoms include, but aren’t limited to: vomiting, increased drooling, increased thirst and body temperature, diarrhea, high heart rate, hyperactivity, and in some severe cases, dogs will have cardiac failure. Call your veterinarian immediately if your dog begins having symptoms within an hour of eating the chocolate.

Chocolate was known by the Aztecs as a gift from the gods. The many ingredients which go into a cake will dilute the overall chocolate concentration, thus lowering the amount of theobromine in each bite. If the chocolate cake has been eaten recently enough, your vet might make your dog sick to get the theobromine out before it has been absorbed. As with many chocolate-infused celebratory events, busy preparations, arriving guests, and last-minute touches make it easy to overlook what the dog might be up to. My Dog Ate Soap – Will They Be OK? Can a Dog Get Sick From Eating a Bar of Soap? Dogs’ inability to safely consume chocolate is common knowledge, but thanks to their proclivity for eating anything they can get their mouths on, many dogs are nonetheless treated for ingesting chocolate every year. Cocoa powder, which is often used in baking, also contains high quantities of theobromine-sometimes higher than dark chocolate. Baking chocolate typically contains no sugar and more cocoa solids, which leads to a dangerously high level of theobromine for your pet. Baked goods, chocolate bars, candy, baking ingredients, and anything else that may contain chocolate should be safely locked away and out of sight.

So why is it that chocolate kills dogs? Can Dogs Eat Chicken Gizzards? Can Dogs Drink Ice Water? Is Ice Water Safe for Dogs? The threat doesn’t come from the water itself. Be aware, though, that in order to maintain weight loss, research shows you have to exercise a pretty long time – about an hour a day of moderate-intensity exercise, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research. Make sure you have all the important information to hand, including the type of chocolate that was consumed, how much was consumed, and the body weight of your dog. But that is not always possible so make sure no one in your family decides to share their sweet snack with your dog. I love it when I make a dish that others enjoy and ask me what is in it.

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