You don’t Have to Be A giant Corporation To start Dog Ate Raisins

Keep in mind that the more grapes, raisins, or currants your dog eats, the more likely it is that he’ll get sick. If your husky ate grapes or raisins, you should immediately call your veterinarian or take your dog to a clinic or the dog hospital. If your dog has eaten any chocolate, you should consult a vet, but this is particularly important if the dog ate chocolate-covered raisins. If you call your vet, they might suggest immediate treatment at home by giving your dog a hydrogen peroxide solution of 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of body weight. And we don’t just mean not all dog breeds – it’s truly an individual thing. The risk of chocolate toxicity increases with smaller dogs, so anyone who owns toy-sized and miniature breeds should be extra careful. If it’s left till later, intravenous fluids and other expensive treatments may be needed to lessen any risk to the pet, and even then, if a significant dose of toxic agent has been eaten, the kidneys could still be damaged irreparably. Most pet owners are aware of most of these dangers to their pets (e.g. chocolate), but the two new ones that still catch people out are onions/garlic and grapes/raisins.

Food containing raisins such as raisin bread can still be toxic to dogs. They are added in many recipes to enhance the nutrition of food and also to add flavor to food. Like most poisons, grape and raisin toxicity is dose dependent, meaning that smaller dogs are more vulnerable. Whether your dog ate a grape or ingested many of them, there is a cause for concern, as grape poisoning is a very real issue for dogs. It’s dangerous to make assumptions, though, because there are some that can be quite toxic. Enjoy your Christmas, but don’t forget that quick scan of your home to make sure seasonal hazards are out of reach of your pets. Please fill out the form below if you have any questions or comments. This research found that a significant number of affected dogs had eaten grapes or raisins in the previous few days: far more dogs than would have happened by chance.

The survey found that around one in six vets had treated a cat for antifreeze poisoning (17%) last year and around one in eight (12%) for poisoning by seasonal plants like lilies. Sometimes I feel like a spoilsport, but a recent survey of vets has changed my mind: eight in ten companion animal vets (80%) saw at least one case of toxic ingestion over the Christmas break last year. Time is of the essence: if you wait more than two hours between ingestion and vet visit, it’s too late, because the onions will already have passed beyond the stomach to the intestines, where the toxic chemicals will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Your vet is going to try and prevent kidney problems in your dog and try to restore any lost kidney function. Don’t hesitate in telling your vet about the situation with your dog. After decontamination, your vet will admit your dog to the hospital for IV fluids and monitor them for up to 48 hours to ensure it does not lead to kidney failure. As the kidney failure progresses, the dog’s blood pressure will elevate dramatically and the dog will usually lapse into a coma.

3. How long does it take for a dog to become ill after eating raisins? However, another report shows that an 8.2 kg dog died after eating only 4 to 5 grapes. If your dog is having difficulty with urinating, dialysis is used for the removal of waste and water from the blood to help the kidney. how toxic are raisins to dogs Can We Help? Some vets use activated charcoal to help prevent raisin poisoning in dogs. They may try to make your dog vomit and give him activated charcoal to stop the toxins from being absorbed in the intestines or stomach. Raisins are also extremely poisonous for dogs, so if you plan to give out any boxes of raisins or chocolate-covered raisins to trick or treaters, keep them far away from your four-legged family member. In case the dog doesn’t vomit within 15 minutes, you can give him/her another dosage. With a little preparation, Halloween can be a fun and safe holiday for you and your dog. Holiday greenery such as holly, ivy, and evergreen branches will remain beautiful longer by adding a commercial floral preservative to the water. Keep them hydrated with lots of water.

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