Thousands of people to storm Sydney's Kings Cross for Pokemon party

Kings Cross has often been referred to as a ghost town since the NSW government implemented the highly criticised 1.30am lock-out laws in 2014.

Since the Pokémon Go app launched last month, game theory genshin impact groups of people have been seen swarming public areas while they furiously tap their phones.

Pokémon Go, which is integrated with Google Maps, displays a user’s avatar amid a grid of streets and other geographical features





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The new restrictions stop patrons from entering bars in most of the inner Sydney CBD, Kings Cross, and the clubbing area along Oxford Street after 1.30am and prevents businesses from serving drinks past 3am.

Sydney’s Kings Cross district, once a hotbed of late-night partying until lock-laws were imposed two years ago, will again be inundated with people on Friday for a Pokémon Party

‘Yeah let’s go to kings cross and walk around and not look where we are going, that sounds like a smart idea,’ one woman commented.

Crowds were seen holding umbrellas or hiding under cover as they meandered with their heads hung over their screens (pictured) 

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