Upper Body Workout for Women at Home

Regularly working out has several benefits apart from just having a toned body. Especially for women, exercising daily brings a lot of positivity to their lives. To maintain the overall physical, mental and psychological well-being, it is good to work out regularly. If you are a working woman with a busy schedule where there is no time for the gym, take some time out and try working out at home. For starters, there are various upper body workout for women that can be done easily without equipment.

Your regular fitness routine is incomplete without strength or resistance training. That is why, it is very important to do upper body exercises regularly to improve your posture, increase muscle mass and lose excess fat. Lets not forget  your arms, backs and shoulders are the main constituents of your upper body. That is why proper upper body workout for women is also very important to build healthy bones.

The most common misconception that people have is that strength training and upper body exercises will give rise to bulging muscles and make you bulky. Rather, it will increase your stamina and endurance. Therefore, the end result is a toned and firm body, far from being bulky.

Here are the most popular upper body workout for women

Plank Shoulder Taps

To target the deltoid muscles, build more prominent triceps and provide strength to the core and glutes, this exercise is very useful. It is a modification to the traditional plank position. Firstly, form a straight line with your body, with palms flat and hands shoulder-width apart. After that, try to touch one shoulder with the adjacent hand while maintaining that position. Change hands and repeat 10-15 times to complete a set. Remember to keep your glutes and core occupied at all times.

Normal Push-up

The classic push-up is considered to be the most important upper body workout for women. It also helps to eradicate chest fat and tone the muscles. At first, get down on all fours and keep your hands a little more than shoulder-width apart. In that position, slowly try to lower your upper body so that the chest almost touches the floor. Push yourself back to the original position and repeat the same. Depending on your stamina, a set or two regularly will be good enough to see the difference.


If you are focusing on strength training, burpees should be a part of it. It focusses on your arms, chest, glutes and hamstrings. Not only this, but this is quite an effective ab workout. Put your arms on the sides and stand straight, keeping the feet shoulder-width apart. Try to lower your body into a squat by bending the knees. Jump on your feet and land on the ground in a plank position. Do another leap and return to the original position, only with your arms in the air. This upper body workout for women is tremendously useful to strengthen the core. However, it needs to be done vigorously, as in you have to change the positions without taking any break to finish a rep. For beginners, one set per workout session is absolutely perfect.

Jumping Jacks-Plank

Also known as Plank Jacks, this upper body workout for women will not only help to burn calories but also strengthen the core muscles. It works as an excellent arm exercise that can be done easily without any equipment. Firstly, form a high plank, keeping your hands shoulder-width apart and palms flat on the floor. In that position, jump your feet in and out constantly (just like in jumping jacks). It is very important to keep your hips tight as you do this. Moreover, this workout will keep the glutes and core engaged at all times. One full set i.e., 10 reps per session will be enough.

Chin-up Without a Bar!

If you want to apply focus on increasing arm strength and improve posture chin-ups are the perfect option. All you need is a strong bar that can support your body weight. However, at home, there is no such equipment. Therefore, a simple but sturdy door may come as beneficial for this purpose. Hold the top of the door with both arms shoulder-width apart. Cross your legs and try hanging from the door, keeping the core engaged. After about five seconds, gently land your feet on the ground without swinging. Do 5 to 10 reps every workout session to increase the endurance.

Superman Exercise

Superman Excercise

Work out the rhomboids, deltoids and add strength to the glutes, the superman exercise works best. Initially, lie on the floor with face down and pull your arms forward. Raise your head, legs and chest slightly off the floor, keeping your back muscles engaged. Make sure that the arms and legs are kept parallel to each other. Hold this position for about 2 to 3 seconds and return to the former position. Around 10 reps per session will be okay for beginners.

Plank to Dolphin

For strengthening the arms, core and chest muscles as well as improving the posture, this upper body workout for women has been quite effective. Firstly, keep your forearms on the floor with elbows parallelly underneath the shoulders and legs extended backwards. Now, the goal is to create an upside-down V shape with your body. To do that, lift your hips up and back by pressing through the forearms so that your head is between the shoulders. Hold that position for a second or two and slowly return to the forearm plank position. Do 10 reps per workout session to work out the core and quads.

Body Saw


This upper body workout for women is strictly for the core that is good for focusing on the flexibility as well. It is performed as a warm-up exercise to get energy for the rest of the session. Firstly, form a forearm plank position with the elbows under the shoulders. In that straight-line position, lean forward with the help of the forearms in a way that the shoulders come ahead. Engaging your core and hips, and move as forward as your upper body allows. After that, repeat the same; only this time move your body to the back as far as possible. This to and fro body movement will improve your flexibility because a lot of it is depended on how good you manage the body weight on your tippy-toes.

Simple Home Equipment Can Also Be Helpful

If you have simple equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands handy, the results can be more rapid. Reduce the risk of getting injured easily by working out on a daily basis with less fatigue. Weight lifting with basic equipment will surely enhance the fat loss procedure by increasing your body metabolism.

Getting sculpted triceps and biceps can feel like a far-fetched achievement. However, this misconception needs to be cleared out. Now you can attain that ripped looking figure with the perfect routine of upper body workout for women. Strength training can do wonders to your body without bulking your muscles up. However, not only this, it can enhance your bone density too. The daily struggles of a modern woman add a lot of stress to her body as well as mind. Make yourself stress-free with a simple workout session at home without disrupting your normal routine.

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