Yoga for weight loss? 7 simple yoga asanas for beginners

The popular narrative suggests that you have to follow a rigorous workout routine to shed some pounds. However, that is not true. You will be surprised to know yoga for weight loss is a real thing. With 7 simple yoga asanas, it is possible to lose weight as well as keep the mind healthy.

It must be kept in mind that yoga is not just about a few poses to gain flexibility and strength. Yoga is an essential way to establish a connection between the mind and body. The most important factor of yoga for weight loss is stress management. It leads to a balanced metabolism which, in turn, helps in the process.

Before getting into the basic yoga asanas for beginners that can help to sweat the calories away, it is important to know how yoga works to help you lose excess body fat.

  • Yoga helps to form a connection between the brain and the body. This can help you choose what is right for your health in the long run. It can increase the mindfulness that can give you the mental capacity to follow a balanced diet, cutting all the unnecessary calorie consumptions. A conscious person will always choose what’s the best for their body.
  • Yoga and relaxation go hand in hand. A relaxed mind helps you to get quality sleep. Sleeping pattern has a lot to do with your weight loss plan. In fact, a healthy sleep schedule will help to reduce cravings, regulate your appetite and increase the resting metabolism that can keep your energy levels optimum all day.
  • Though not an aerobic exercise conventionally, yoga is related in many ways to burn calories. Various poses of physical yoga that results in sweating can enhance your metabolism rate and help you get a toned body. Both restorative and power yoga have been proved effective to help women lose excess body fat.

There are several poses of yoga for beginners that can contribute to your plan of getting in shape. You don’t need to master the skills or have the flexibility of a professional yogi in order to practice those simple poses of yoga for weight loss.

Here are 7 different poses of yoga for weight loss

Surya Namaskara or The Sun Salutation Pose

yoga for weight loss

It is good if you start your yoga workout session with this pose because it acts as a good warm-up exercise by stretching your muscles and preparing you for the rest of the session. There are several ways to do this posture. One of the easiest ones is to stand straight with legs shoulder-width apart and inhale. After that, slowly lie on the ground, face first, keeping your palms flat and hands straight on the yoga mat. Make an arch with the upper body portion and lift your head up to stare at the ceiling while the lower body portion is on the ground. Apart from stretching the muscles, it regulates the digestive system and helps to balance your metabolism. Lastly, this yoga pose also helps you to get toned muscles and a trimmed waistline.

Trikonasana or The Triangle Pose

Trikonasana or The Triangle Pose

The pose of yoga for weight loss that is perfect for losing abdominal fat and working out your abs is the Trikonasana. As the name suggests, it involves forming a triangle with your body. Stand straight, keeping your feet wide apart and bend your body to touch one of the feet with the hand from the same side. This asana targets both the arm as well as leg muscles. With the help of the twisting or lateral motion of this pose, the muscle formation process in your thighs and hamstrings will be enhanced. Other than that, blood circulation improves a lot in the body. This posture of yoga for weight loss also helps to work on the concentration power of the mind as well as the balance of the body.

Parivrtta Utkatasana or The Twisted Chair Pose

This pose of yoga for weight loss is somewhat similar to a squat that works great to give you perfectly toned abdominal muscles and strengthen the glutes and quads. Stand tall with your feet close to each other and keep your arms overhead. Remember to inhale during this process. However, as you exhale, do a squat and form a ninety-degree angle at your knees. After that, put your hands in a prayer position near your chest only to slide down the shoulder blades. By this time, one of your elbows should be on the outer side of the knee and the other one pointing towards the ceiling while you inhale and exhale continuously. At this position, hold your breath for about 30 seconds, release and change sides.

Virabhadrasana C or The Warrior III Pose

This is the modified version of the basic warrior pose as described in yoga for beginners guide. At first, stand tall with your feet at hip-distance apart. Then, extend your arms overhead as you inhale. The next step is to exhale slowly as you raise one of your legs and stretch it backward. Your feet should form a right angle after this. Keeping your back straight, extend your hands forward and maintain a straight line. It is one of the most effective yoga asanas for weight loss that works wonderfully to tone down the butt. Apart from that, it helps to churn out the excess belly fat and improve balance.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or The Bridge Pose

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or The Bridge Pose

This simple pose of yoga to lose weight will work great for women struggling with thyroid. Not only this, but it also increases the metabolism rate that helps to lose weight faster. Moreover, it keeps all the muscles (from feet to arms) engaged and helps your body to stay active. Lie on your back on the yoga mat with hands straight on each side. Bend your knees and create a somewhat perpendicular position by forming an arch with your whole body. remember to keep your hands on the mat, locked in. Press down on your toes and support the bodyweight with your feet and arms. Bridge is all about flexibility and strength.

Dhanurasana or The Bow Pose

Dhanurasana or The Bow Pose

Take a deep breath and lie on your face, keeping back straight. Slowly inhale and exhale and extend your arms to the back. Fold your knees in a way that they point towards the ceiling and hold the feet with both of your hands. This will lead your body to form an arch with the head straight. Breathe in and breathe out by maintaining the position. If you want to add strength to your thigh, chest and back muscles in addition to getting a toned body, then this pose is perfect.

Sarvangasana or The Shoulder Stand Pose

Sarvangasana or The Shoulder Stand Pose

Popularly known as the “queen of asanas”, the shoulder stand pose of yoga for weight loss is a bit advanced. However, you can always try it with support if you can perform the above steps easily. Lie down on the mat, facing towards the ceiling. Keeping your core tight, slowly extend your legs upwards and try to keep the inhale-exhale process ongoing while forming a straight line. Lift your upper body after the legs are stretched upward. It is all about maintaining the right balance and having stamina. In simpler words, this posture is like a head-stand. You can also stretch your legs inward if you have a strong flexibility game. The only difference is that your body weight will be supported by your shoulders, hands and head instead of only the head.

The real mantra is to stay active for shedding calories. However, yoga helps you to stay active, relax the mind and lose weight- all three at the same time. Practicing the different poses of yoga for weight loss even for half an hour a day will yield striking results after a certain time. Take some time out of your busy schedule to show some love and care to your body.

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