10 Best Careers for Women in 2020

Human civilization has grown over thousands of years all over the world. d the struggle for equality between men and women has been waged since. Equality, freedom and power are fundamentally important to women and the basis of achieving these goals is to simply earn money on their own. This means that they need high powered careers to make them financially independent.

High powered careers are possible for women in the 21st century. The balance of power between men and women is slowly changing and women are breaking the glass ceiling in all fields. Education, training and access to opportunities help women further their careers in various sectors of the economy.

10 Best careers for woman

Women have very few limitations these days. The best careers for women are those that provide women with a sense of achievement in their fields of interest. This helps them with financial stability and a certain degree of power. These careers have an established path for growth in the field and can also at times help women in getting a voice in society.

Here are the 10 Best Careers for Women in 2020:


10 Best careers - Entrepreneurship

Starting a business is one of the fundamental pillars of the economy.  Setting up a business can be one of the best careers for women. There is nothing more empowering than owning your own business. Women can start their own businesses in a variety of niches. If the business works well and expands, women can earn a lot of money. They can also support the local community with good-paying jobs.

Different types of entrepreneurial ventures can benefit from having a woman in charge. Women are known to be better at multitasking than men. Women today lead many companies which include small businesses, large corporations, proprietorship, startup firms and even shops, restaurants and hotels all over the world. Many CEO’s & senior management of major companies are women. Entrepreneurship is one of the best careers for women as it can give them power, status, standing in society and financial stability.


10 Best careers - Media

A sector of the economy where women have done spectacularly well is media. It is considered one of the best careers for women. As the world is more connected than ever, media has become one of the most important fields in today’s times. There are many avenues in this field for women and various sub-sectors pay well. Media includes different types of communication outlets that provide content and information to viewers. This is one of the best careers for women as they can efficiently communicate information.

Women can make good money and achieve a strong career path in media industries like print media, electronic media, social media marketing, news media, and journalism. It also includes fields like publishing, photography, cinema, film and television industry, broadcasting on television and the radio, and advertising, making media a creative and financially useful industry. Extroverted women consider this one of the best careers for women as it works well with their personality.


10 Best careers - Medicine

One of the most satisfying and noble career in the world is medicine. It is a high paying career that also gives back to society in a meaningful way. Women all over the world are well established in the medical profession today.  They are working to improve healthcare and also discover new ways to save lives through medicine. It is considered one of the best careers for women as empathy is a quality that women are better at.

Women today are physicians and general medicine doctors, surgeons, pediatricians, nurses, radiologists, medical researchers, bio-technologists, scientists, and lab technicians in almost every hospital in the developed and developing world. Women are at the forefront of medical research discovering new vaccines, medicines, and methods to save lives.

Information Technology

Information TechnologySome of the best paying jobs in the world are in the information technology sector which has boomed over the last few decades. Women have had a lot of success in the field of information technology. Many women today are taking training and education in this sector, initially mainly part of the man’s world.

Best careers for women in this sector have a defined career path. It is relatively straightforward for women to work in large IT and software companies all over the world. A career in IT can include becoming a software engineer, IT consultant, web developer, cybersecurity expert, mobile app developer, software coding specialist, and software designer to name a few.

Education Sector


The education sector is a great field for women. The teaching/educational sector is very good for women as women can communicate well with children and young adults. Traditionally teachers in nursery schools, primary schools, high schools and even in sports education are women.

Women are highly educated these days and they are at the forefront of the education sector. Today women own large educational institutes, are the principals and deans at top universities, are senior professors at different departments of studies and are educational researchers and are paid well in this sector. This makes education one of the best careers for women all over the world.



Another industry considered a man’s domain is the world of engineering. Today, however, it is one of the best careers for women as engineering is a well-paying industry and there are lots of job opportunities in this sector.  This sector involves discipline, critical thinking, innovation, and an understanding of the natural world.

From aerospace engineering to agricultural engineering women have plenty of opportunities in this sector. They can get well-paying jobs in software engineering, telecommunications engineering, electrical engineering, biotechnology, and even civil engineering these days making it a top choice for women.

Financial Management & Banking

Financial Management & Banking

The banking and financial sector is a major opportunity for women and is one of the best careers for women. Today economists, senior banking executives, leaders in the financial sector and even top financial managers in the world are women. Financial management and banking industry pay very well and there are opportunities for women at every level in this sector.

A stable banking job provides very well and it has many perks and benefits. A well-defined career path in this sector provides opportunities for women to become managers. They can even become senior executives in financial management companies or head the management in top banks.

Science & Research

Science & Research

Today the world is moving at a rapid pace. Innovation and research will help mankind forge a better future for humanity. Science and research have become a well-paying and fulfilling career for women. It is innovative and goal-driven making it perfect for women. Best careers for women in science and research are available in educational institutions and universities and also companies that have research and development departments.

Scientists and researchers are needed in most fields today as scientific data and innovation are important for success. Women are great innovators, multitaskers and scientists in different fields and these jobs pay extremely well. Women scientists lead the way in research in fields like biotechnology, marine biology, earth sciences, psychology, anthropology, environmental science, even in product innovation.



One of the careers that are high powered and representative of women empowerment is Law. Over the last few decades, law firms and law schools all over the developed world have seen a steady rise in women employees and students pursuing the various avenues in this sector. Women today are partners at major law firms and top law schools have women excelling in all branches of law.

Best careers for women in law are available at practically all major law firms in the world. This includes environmental law, corporate law, criminal law, family law, and industrial law. Women today go into government to work as prosecutors or the justice department and also work in various legal fields in the corporate world.

Design Sector


Some of the best careers for women are jobs in the design sector. Women are innovative and creative and generally do well in this sector. There are many specializations and sub-sectors within the design sector. This field ranges, from fashion design to aerospace and industrial design.

The artistic jobs in this sector include fashion design, interior design, graphic design, and web design which include creativity and technical knowledge of the field. Design can be one of the best careers for women in the fields of engineering design, product design, and process design as it is innovative and also pays well.

The above-listed careers are the best careers for women in today’s fast-paced and modern world. These provide women an opportunity to become financially independent and also help them get a sense of achievement and a high level of success in life.

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