Home Workout for Women to Stay Fit During Lockdown

Due to the massive outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the entire world is in a state of lockdown. While the implementation of Quarantine has been done for all the right reasons, it has surely affected the lifestyle of people significantly. However, as we all know that all the gyms are closed. If you are worried about gaining a few extra pounds in this quarantine, a detailed routine of home workout for women might be helpful.

For the modern-day woman, it is very important to stay fit under all circumstances. In fact, health experts are also recommending to do regular exercise. Besides, the lockdown has taken a negative toll on everyone’s mind. So, it will be beneficial if one works out at home and releases accumulated stress and anxiety. Some people will find it extremely difficult to work out without gym equipment. However, there are plenty of home workout for women that can be done easily to burn calories without any equipment.

Stay physically active and relax your mind with below home workouts for women

Shoulder Tap Workout

Keep your arms fully straight and start with a push-up position. Then lift one hand from the floor and touch your adjacent shoulder. Make sure to keep your hips static. Repeat the same using the other hand and shoulder to finish one rep. Most importantly, it is a suitable warm-up movement that will pump you up for the entire workout session. Around 3 sets a day will be perfect to get rid of that flab.

Form a Bridge for a Better Posture

Lie on the yoga mat facing the ceiling. Keep your arms tight and straight while you try to raise the lower body and hold the position for a minute. Use your lower back and hips to do this exercise and strengthen your core. It is also a great exercise for the benefit of your hamstrings and glutes. Doing 2 sets a day will definitely give you a better posture in no time.

Side Plank Workout

Side Planks

If you want toned shoulders, obliques and legs, the side plank will be highly beneficial. Keep your knees straight and lie on one side. Giving pressure on one elbow, try to lift the upper body slowly and put the other hand on the hip that is above the floor.  Tuck your tummy and raise your hips. Maintaining that straight line from the ankles to the shoulders and keep your core tight in that position for about 30 seconds. Repeat the same by rolling on the other side.

Knee Push-ups

Knee Pushups

Workout your arms and core with the knee push-up. It starts by doing a normal but modified push-up – keeping your knees on the floor instead of toes. The hands should be placed on the ground shoulder’s width apart. In this position, lower your torso by bending the elbows down like a normal push-up. Pull yourself up and repeat the same again. 2 sets a day will be more than enough for this workout. This is quite a heavy workout. Therefore, you can take a break before starting the second set.

Stationary Lunges

Stationary Lunges

This home workout for women will help them to work on their leg muscles and increase thigh mass. Keep your core body stabilized and stand tall by keeping your feet hip-distance apart. Using any one foot, step backward. Bend both the knees at a right angle and maintain that position for about 5 seconds. Switch legs and repeat the same. Complete each set a day to improve your balance.

Bodyweight Squats

Stand tall by keeping your feet at shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms at shoulder level keeping them face forward. Slightly arch your lower back by keeping the torso upright. In that position, bend at the knees to the point where your hips are dropped. Keep your body lowered and pause for a moment. Start from the original position again. This no-equipment exercise is done with the sole purpose of speeding the overall weight loss procedure. Moreover, it is also a great back workout.



Firstly, it is a great ab workout that is very easy for beginners as well. Keep your feet hip-width apart and lie on the floor with back straight. Put both of your arms behind the head. Slightly round in your elbows by holding them to the sides and lift your upper body gently off the floor. Make sure to pull the abdominals inward and see that the head, shoulder blades and neck are not touching the floor. Hold that position for a few seconds and lie back. This home workout for women provides strength to your abdominal muscles.

Mountain Climber Exercise

The first thing to remember while you’re doing this exercise is that it is not a form of a plank. The confusion is easy because of the similar initial positions. Start by doing a push-up position but slowly bring your knee towards the chest. Withdraw and repeat the same with the adjacent leg. Do it vigorously to keep your core engaged at all times. It is another exercise that triggers all the muscles and burns a lot of excess fat in one or two sets.

The above routine of no-equipment home workout for women are quite useful to keep you fit and fine during this lockdown. It will improve circulation and help you remain in good form. However, some fitness-enthusiastic women may have dumbbells at home that can be used for the better.

There are a ton of reasons to work out with dumbbells. If you need help with balancing the strength, this simple equipment will be essential. These are effective for strength-based exercises. For instance, it will help to enhance the process of fat-burning and improve g the cardiovascular system.

Here are the best workout ideas with dumbbells

Chest Press Exercise

Lie on a bench facing the ceiling and hold your dumbbells (one in each hand). Form 90-degree angles with your elbows, keeping them apart with your arms parallel to the floor. Start pressing the weights back up and repeat n times. Depending on the strength of your core and stamina, 5 to 6 sets per session will be perfect.

  • This home workout for women helps to increase muscle mass.
  • It provides strength to your upper body.
  • Helps you to burn extra calories

Supported Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Keeping your back parallel to the floor, place one knee and palm flat from the same side on a solid surface (preferably a bench). Hold a dumbbell on the adjacent hand in this position. Lift your elbow up towards the ceiling up to your back and exhale while you’re at it. When one set is finished, switch sides and repeat.

  • Helps to increase muscular strength
  • It also improves your endurance
  • Stabilizes the core and is good for working out the lower back muscles

Kickbacks to Target the Triceps

Place your feet in a hips-width apart position and stand by holding the dumbbells in both hands. Keep your back straight and bend your arms up to the shoulders. Engaging the core, hinge forward at your waist which will place the upper arms parallelly with the torso. Lastly, straighten your arms towards the back and keep the inhale-exhale process active during that. A set per session of this home workout for women will certainly be good enough to notice changes.

  • It activates around 88% of the body’s muscles.
  • Helps to achieve toned arms.
  • Firms up the jiggling flab by burning excess body fat

Overhead Press

Overhead Press

Firstly, keep your feet wide and stand straight holding each dumbbell in one hand. Then, open up your elbows on each side and raise them up to the shoulders. Engaging your core, raise your hands above the head. Make sure they are straight and return to the original position. Repeat 20 times to finish 2 sets in one session to make the most of it.

  • It is a full upper-body exercise that keeps everything, from the shoulders to abs, engaged.
  • It helps to bring strong shoulder muscles.
  • Helps to strengthen the core muscles.

The above-mentioned home workout for women with dumbbells will make it easier to stay fit and maintain muscle density. However, along with exercising, you must also remember to consume the right nutrients for this purpose. As a woman, due to the fluctuating hormonal levels, one can feel stressed out quite easily. Therefore, releasing that stress with the help of a well-drawn home workout plan is the best thing to do during the lockdown.

For a woman, working out regularly does not have everything to do with a toned figure. In other words, it also has a huge positive impact on mental health, regulates the immune system and helps them sleep better. Sweating helps to improve circulation during exercise. Therefore, it is easy to get a cleat skin with fresh oxygenated blood. Under these circumstances, where the whole world has come to a standstill, exercising regularly at home will enhance mental and physical fitness.

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