10 Best Careers for Women in 2020

careers for women

Human civilization has grown over thousands of years all over the world. d the struggle for equality between men and women has been waged since. Equality, freedom and power are fundamentally important to women and the basis of achieving these goals is to simply earn money on their own. This means that they need high … Read more

Guide to financial independence for the woman in 2020

Financial Independence for women

Earlier, women were trapped only in household works. They were considered a weaker section in our society and men lead all financial investment decisions. Today, women are outperforming men in every field. We are successfully balancing our personal and professional lives. But, when we talk about financial independence, women still rely on their family or … Read more

10 Iconic Women of all time who inspire us

10 Iconic women of the world

The beginning of the human race is ambiguous. We assume it was Adam and Eve that created the world. Although Adam performed an essential job, it was Eve who bore the pain for nine long months & started life. Thus, since earlier days, women have been efficiently playing iconic characters of an honest girl, a … Read more